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you are the last of all the rosies he was the weight and all that's worth your eyes are those of a traveler sucking the marrow from the earth tried to run over; it ran over you strong is a word you called the few in the midst of a list you wrote struck by the hues you know so well we've been spinning stories that just won't sell cause you're stuck in time you can't change your mind it's been left behind you know so well that everything goes to hell the roof grew lazier, remember? the moans it groaned would tuck you in when you awoke the sky was over on hands and knees you lived again can't tell a lie if i look in your eye all these years have passed you by want just to laugh but i can't help but cry
sip on some jelly the queen is ready to take the life from me last time she took away my eyes it's hard for me to act surprised drunken but not on fire i let fate walk my legs she's not rough but she's good enough for one who sleeps in my head oh, how we can't refuse just one more line, just one excuse it's wasted on our tongue we build and drill away the acid's stone burned through the clay it's wasted, i can taste it true line's i've seen on your face true lines have been quick to erase your lies sing desperate to my soul sounds like you've never sung at all i forgot my shoes very late last night i never looked down but i though it was fine when my feet started to bleed it felt so strange it all reminded me of you something i can't explain
in the throes of indecision a thing that no one ever knew about whatever i was singing or what i would do to you my intellect is no exception and i am no vitruvian man but as a member of the millions i'll do the best i can you wake me from my dreams the best ones i'd ever seen you wake me from above but i'm going down again one hasty addition the only option left to choose, it seems, is sex without affection, or jazz without the blues now all the kids are moving i've got lists of lists to show that when we're playing these games however strained, we always seem to know
got some terrible news threw my script out today words never had much use cause it's not what you say am i lonely, broken hearted, or insane? we've been holding on to this hoping maybe i would take you for a victim as you club me on the head drag me back down to your cave this shell of a lifeless stan is breathing release me i wonder if you can your skin didn't bruise your frame's still contained if your body's been used my body is drained and we're lonely, broken hearted, all the same
maybe the bat of an eye in need is the only thing that i can see twisting, moving around the ground it's all in my head by the way you hold your man it's easy to tell who's in command he'll never seem to understand it's all in his head innocent like a misfit your eyes locked in for the kill i don't understand and you don't act surprised cause you know i never will maybe i'll manage a miniature moment to measure the man in my head (if i've got it) but i don't care enough to find out who's right or wrong will i leave you all alone maybe i will, maybe i won't maybe i caught your eye all wrong it's all in my head
take a slow end and go out to the sea make all your friends come along even if we can't find our selves for long we will have a song cause i just don't want to see the world as you made it for me i've been here before; i know your name i'm willing to give if you'll only take i've been here, make it clear: i'll be here again the waves will grind my bones to sand
red string tied around your neck, here we are the only thing we have left so grab the wheel, whatever you feel the wrong side's the right place to loosen up forget brakes, the edge is almost gone but we still miss everyone while our skin burns in the sun we broke our glass for fun feet up to fall flat nose cold and i plan to attack the slow sink and then to wake the slap folded in your palm forget the hour now, forget the day i lost my body somewhere by now it's too late your skin, it breaths like the depths from it swept free floating, black, and aimless who could ever want to make you take it back maybe laying still is the only way to live until we lay weary heads at the feet of milestones and all the shit we've read i know it's just as simple as the way you move i know, i don't know
the hypocrite he lies to me and sweeps up all my history but he's just going to die with me his body burning in my sea a call to arms is in my chest but i think i'll give life a rest my final act is just this jest a finger laid across your breast and now we're young and moving fast said the captain to the mast beneath the ocean laid it's trap but they just had to sail and laugh your confidence amazes me but then you've never been to sea the boat you rode would speak softly the oars as arms would move you through each heartbeat


Recorded and produced by Feed Me Jack in Santa Cruz, CA.


released September 29, 2012

Glenn Carson - drums
Sven Gamsky - guitar, bass, vocals
Robert Luisi Ross - guitar, bass, cello, vocals
Jake Thornton - keyboards, clarinet, vocals

Our wonderful guest musicians:
Eric Karl Lawson - drums (tracks 1, 10)
Terre Lee - violin (tracks 1, 3, 7)
Hallie Cohen - vocals (track 4)
Amelia Nommenson - vocals (track 5)
Skyler Ross - drums (track 5)
Nikki Mokover - saxophone (track 8)




Feed Me Jack

2011 - 2016

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